Monday, March 24, 2014

Kickstarter: NES, by Richie Palys

Some of my best childhood memories are of me and my friends playing on our Nintendos, breaking personal records, and imagining that we held the power of saving the universe in our hands.  During our missions, whether swimming away from an electrified squid or standing toe to toe with a mystical demon while exchanging blows turn-by turn-, the soundtrack of our summers and weekends was played out via the music of the game.

I can remember that we would, at times, discuss creating a band that plays the game tunes in a way that would please the ears of non-gamers.  However, we did not play instruments, so the talk never got much further than a conversation or two.  However, being the dreamer that I was, I was able to create a vivid symphony from the solid base that the gaming music provided, hearing something much more intense and sensational that what exhaled form my television speakers.  Even today, when I play the old games, I can hear so much more than was actually there.  When I hear a piano, violin, or any other combination of musical instruments creating the sounds that I heard in my head as a child, it brings back many memories.

When I heard about the NES album, from Richie Palys, I was beyond excited for the opportunity to see the Kickstarter come to fruition.  I was even more ecstatic when I found out that the album would be "The first of a trilogy of Nintendo albums arranged in the style of synth-infused live jazz."  This is definitely an album that I am anticipating, and I encourage you to check it out.  If you cannot give monetary support, please consider sharing it with your friends via facebook, twitter, a personal blog, or anywhere else it might reach the masses.  I believe it deserves all the attention it can muster from fans and friends of fans.

Check out what Richie has to say about the project:

"My name is Richie Palys and I’ve been a lifetime video game player and musician. I've been playing trombone and piano, in both jazz and classical styles, for 14 years. I’m in Chicago right now where I’m working on my master’s in composition because I aspire to be a video game composer. Throughout my life I've played games of every genre from every console getting my hands on anything retro I can find. The music from these games has instilled a great sense of nostalgia in my mind so as I began my musical journey, video game music was always influencing the way I compose and perform. I always figured I'd write some simple covers to my favorite Nintendo tunes, but about six months ago I decided on doing something spectacular. I decided on making a trilogy of albums, one for the NES, one for the SNES, and one for the N64. So I began writing for the first album, the NES album. All the music for this album is finished now and ready to get recorded. Because I grew up playing jazz and falling in love with it, the album is going to be in the style of jazz with a heavy emphasis on synth and production. So this is where things get amazing :) Writing the album was a huge success but the coolest part about the album was how many unbelievably talented musicians wanted to be apart of it!

So let me go into detail about who's on the album. To start, we have Matt Ulery, Marquis Hill, Makaya McCraven, Rob Clearfield, and Corbin Andrick, 5 of the hands-down best jazz musicians in Chicago recording on the album. The recording session will take place at a professional studio called Transient Sound here in Chicago. After that, an incredible musician and producer John Norman will be doing synthesizer work on the album, giving it that nostalgic, crunchy, 8-bit flavor. It will eventually get sent over to the UK where it will get mastered by Mark Dobson, who’s part of a group of producers, ’Ambassadeurs’, who are a huge deal in Europe’s electronic scene. And for our biggest news, mixing our album will be the grammy award winning James Auwarter, who’s gone triple platinum with Kanye West, gone platinum with Rihanna, gone gold with Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco, and has 30 grammy nominations on top of that! The amount of musicians on board and the high level of professional quality recording and production involved is what this Kickstarter is paying for. This is not going to be your run-of-the-mill cover album, this is going to be a huge production because I believe this is the way to truly honor Nintendo’s music!"
here is the track listing:
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Level 1
Duck Tales - Moon Level
Bionic Commando - Level 1
Marble Madness - Level 2
Megaman 2 - Airman
Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Level 1
Ninja Gaiden - Mineshaft
Startropics - Dungeon Theme
The Legend of Zelda II: Link's Adventure - Temple Theme

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